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Siren's Secret (Men's Formula)

Designer: Sassy Sensations



You work hard and play even harder...or at least you used too. Once men hit their mid to late 20's, hormones like HGH and Testosterone drop dramatically and Nitric Oxide levels can become almost non-existent.

Siren's Secret Men's Formula works with your hormonal system making you feel more like you did when you were at your best. Getting older is inevitable, but feeling old is your choice. Siren's Secret is a never before seen combination of ingredients that were specifically chosen to work synergistically together with the highest extract ratios of any performance enhancing supplement on the market today. That's why we can offer it in a convenient, one-a-day formula that is safe and extremely effective.

This all natural product comes in a vegetable capsule specifically designed for fast, safe and easy absorption and will compliment even compromised digestive systems.

Siren's Secret Men's Formula's ingredients are specially formulated for a man's body regardless of his physical activity. This product aids in your body's natural response to balancing hormones and blood flow that can promote and support:

  • Libido
  • Prostate Health
  • Energy
  • Sexual Desire
  • Sexual Performance
  • Stronger, Fuller Erections
  • Healthy Metabolism
  • Nitric Oxide levels
  • Healthy Testosterone

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